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Soulful Sex Secrets

Your sex life isn’t just your sex life… it’s your happiness.
Whether you’re out for dinner and a concert, looking at old photos of when you first met or planning your future together, one thing’s for sure: A key to a fulfilling relationship?


Great sex

Research shows that nearly half the people in committed relationships report dissatisfaction in their sex lives. This discontent impacts how they feel about their partnership. So if you’re dissatisfied, you’re not alone.

What’s more, this is an area that’s often overlooked by couples therapists.

Sure, you’ve managed to have a family, or you have a blended family, or you’ve become a favorite aunt and uncle to your nieces and nephews.

You have a good job (on most days it’s good, or good enough for now).

You and your partner are close and confide in one another.

Maybe you’ve even purchased an adult toy or two- no shame in that.

But there’s just one little problem.

Your sex life could use a boost.

Introducing Soulful Sex Secrets: An introductory workshop designed for individuals and couples who crave more passion and deeper intimacy.

You’ll learn ways to:

    1. Increase Sexual Satisfaction

By learning how to sense the body’s surrounding and internal energy centers, adapted from the principles of Eastern energy anatomy.

    1. Experience the Movement of Erotic Energy

By discovering unique methods to control the movement of the body’s energy centers, geared towards increasing sexual arousal.

    1. Create a Deeper Emotional Attachment to One Another

By learning new ways to increase emotional sensitivity and trust, according to the principles of attachment theory.

Why did I create this workshop?

I developed Soulful Sex Secrets, because I know couples don’t have the time or inclination to research methods to increase intimacy and heighten passion- but I do.

My training in body-centered therapies; including yoga, massage, anatomy and energy healing, has led me to specialize in work with the human body.

I also find the topic of sex fascinating and fun to research and discuss. I was born during the sexual revolution of the late 1960’s and raised by very “hip” parents. Their approach to the human body was “sex positive” and natural.

However, it wasn’t until I started working in a psychotherapy practice that I met many people who had a tremendous amount of shame, guilt and feelings of inferiority about a topic I had grown to embrace. I realized I had something to contribute to my clients just by listening to and being with their feelings without judgment; in addition to the usual assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan protocols.

This workshop takes the sex positive approach I was raised with and combines it with my decades of experience with the human body and Eastern mystical practices. I weave these practices around sexuality, in ways to help all kinds of couples. Those who seek to reinvigorate their relationship and those with sexual problems.


The in-class exercises are done while fully clothed and there is no physical contact during class. Homework will be given to practice with your partner. Also, the workshop includes a complimentary pre-registration phone consultation, to make sure it’s a fit for you.

Need to miss a class?

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Recommended Books:

  • Pucker Up, by Tristan Taormino
  • Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century, by Barbara Carrellas

Ready to get started on creating a sex life that increases intimacy and passion? 

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