client gratitude


When I first saw Julie I was suffering from the effects of a traumatic childhood and a recent divorce. I felt like the entire world was a hostile place. Julie gently guided me through my painful places to help me heal them. Through this process we discovered my strengths and what she calls my ‘essence’- it was like finding buried treasure! Julie is a cross between a therapist, healer and explorer.”

- Sarah

Our relationship was on the rocks. It could have gone either way. During every session with Julie we learned something new about each other, that in the end brought us closer than we ever thought possible!”

- Amy & Dan

When working with Julie you’re working with someone who is intuitive and whip-smart. She has a thoroughly practical approach and knows when to interject a bit of humor to help diffuse a tense situation.”

- Paul

I got into a routine of mentally saving all the things “to tell Julie” during my week. I couldn’t wait for our appointments to “unload” my “Julie list” and she’d methodically help me put everything into perspective. I would leave her office feeling energized and ready to practice whatever I learned in that session.”

- sonia

Julie has tricks up her sleeve for working with problems that I’d never experienced in all my years of counseling. I developed a relationship with my body as a tool for insight, that I had never even considered.”


Western Anatomy

Julie’s anatomy courses differ from others by virtue of her attention grabbing and diverse personal experiences. Her wealth of input and exuberance into this often ‘dry’ subject comes through when she shares how she learned it for herself. I have definitely tapped into a few insights of my own during this course and my students get to reap the benefits!”

- Lisa Belfiore

Julie’s anatomy courses far surpassed what I was taught in my Yoga certification program. Even after teaching Yoga for over a year I knew I needed to study with a real pro and Julie delivers results! Her approach to teaching is passionate and intuitive, and her expertise runs deep.”

- Sue Morem

I love how Julie combines her knowledge from so many different areas to making the material fun, easy to digest and immediately applicable to yoga.”

- Jennifer Davis

Julie’s anatomy workshops helped me learn and actually retain the information about the muscle groups and their function in yoga poses. Her teaching style is relaxed and humorous and it’s unbelievable how much information she takes you through, without it being boring or a complicated foreign language.”

- Rah Engstrom

Effective Energy Anatomy

Julie inspired the students with her unique energy, as well as her caring, love and wonderful sense of humor. She immediately became an integral part of the identity of our program.”

– Scott Freeman, Former Head of the Guthrie Theater/University of Minnesota B.F.A. Actor Training Program

I use what I learned in Julie’s “Effective Energy Anatomy” workshop with my clients daily; to help them feel at home in their bodies, be able to set healthy boundaries and get a fresh perspective on their challenges and strengths.”

-Susan, LMFT

I was very impressed with Julie’s work with my players. She really helped them to ‘tune-in’ to their bodies. They came away with improved flexibility, balance and, of course, concentration. Julie’s not only a phenomenal yoga instructor, but she’s also one heck of a coach!”

- Kirk Olson Strength & Conditioning Coach, Minnesota Wild Hockey Club

Julie has used her unsurpassed skills in working with athletes to improve their flexibility, balance, concentration and biomechanics, and the guys love her classes!”

– Dwayne Chandler Director of Strength and Conditioning University of Minnesota Gopher Football Team