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Effective Energy Anatomy

Attention psychotherapists and practitioners in the healing arts:
Are you ready to become a uniquely versatile therapist to better serve your clients?


If so, then join me to learn the anatomy of the human energy field- in a way that translates to the mainstream population!

You’ll be empowered to sense the energy of your clients and guide them towards healing; by reading their body language and non-verbal cues.

You’ll also learn techniques to teach them how to read their own energy and bodily sensations, and discover their unique “inner voice.”

How was this method created?

By researching and utilizing the work of pioneers in the healing professions, I’ve combined the two modalities, psychotherapy and energy healing. I then synthesized a way to read people’s energy and design psychotherapy sessions, based on a client’s needs.

As a psychotherapist, I’ve applied this method in the following situations:

  1. “High risk” high school students who rarely feel joy or love.
  2. Couples who are having a discrepancy in sexual desire.
  3. Individuals who can’t seem to break their addiction to dramatic situations.
  4. Adolescents and adults who are needing to refine their energy by learning how to concentrate without distraction.
  1. Groups who are lacking a clear intention and an understanding of how to energetically support one another.
  2. People who are going through a stressful transition and need to feel a sense of calmness and security.

How was I able to put  all this together?

Being adopted lead me on the quest to “find myself” at an early age. I had always loved meeting diverse people from all sorts of backgrounds, trying to see how I fit in and if they somehow held the key to my identity. After finding my biological family when I was 20, many of my questions were answered, but I still had that nagging desire to understand “who am I?”

My burning desire lead me to Yoga.

The physical postures were great, but it was Yoga’s subtle anatomy that not only fascinated me, but held the key to understanding my identity.

I learned about the chakras (the vortices of energy along the spine), and the layers of energy around the body. I just couldn’t get enough.

So in 1995, I enrolled in the Barbara Brennan School of Healing—a four-year energetic healing college designed by a former NASA physicist. From there, I started a healing practice based on the subtle anatomy and its effects on people’s physical, mental and psychological states of being.

I also learned that to be the most effective and authentic energy therapist, I had to stay true to myself and my interests.

Even though I was working in the alternative healing arts, I was still outwardly interested in engaging with people who were not into energy healing or Eastern philosophy.


It Was Then That I Realized I Didn’t Want to Be Split

I didn’t want to have to choose between hanging out with like-minded individuals and limit my interactions with the mainstream, or work and socialize with the general public and risk criticism for my beliefs and preferences.

So what was it that bridged the two—alternative and mainstream?


By using the gift of language, I took my knowledge of how to read people’s energy patterns and turned it into a way that applied to my psychotherapy clients. I was intent on being a translator of energetic principles in a way that was understandable by the “average Joe or Jane” and not this “airy-fairy” thing.

So if you want to learn how to utilize the subtle aspects of the human body in a way that translates to the mainstream population, then this workshop series is the ticket!

Effective Energy Anatomy Classes - $599 for all 8 weeks

  • Week 1: The body’s major energy centers; their physical, mental and psychological components and how they relate to interactions with others.
  • Week 2:The human energy field, its association with the body’s energy centers, and how this manifestation of energy is intimately involved in a person’s life.
  • Week 3: How to develop high sense perception to “read” a person’s energy.
  • Week 4: How to set healthy energetic boundaries with your clients and teach them to do the same.
  • Week 5: Understanding the mainstream language of energy from figures of speech such as “having chemistry,” “feeling energized,” “heavy with grief” and “bad vibes.”
  • Week 6: Learn techniques to connect with a person’s energy field and guide them to places of feeling relief, focused, calm, loving and being understood.
  • Week 7: An introduction on how to take this knowledge and infuse it with your psychotherapy or healing practice.
  • Week 8: Guest presenter and consultant Dr. David Schmit, Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at St. Catherine University. A National Science Foundation Scholar’s Award winner, David has conducted groundbreaking research on the history of Westerner’s explorations of Indian yoga. He’s been a student of Indian philosophy and a practitioner of Yoga and meditation for four decades. As such, he’s uniquely qualified to show how to establish bridges between Western and Indian views of mind and body.

NOTE: If you need to miss a class, an MP3 of the course content will be emailed to you.

Locations, dates and times vary. Contact Julie for updates.


  1. FREE email support
  2. A course content outline and handouts- (Of course! I can’t stand it when I pay for a workshop and I don’t get an outline or handouts).
  3. A FREE written template for composing your own guidelines when working with groups, a $200 value, (unless you call an attorney, which means you can at least double that figure!)


Are you ready to dive into learning ways to utilize the subtle aspects of the human body/mind, so you can better help your clients?

If you answered “YES,” then contact Julie to register.

See you in class! CONTACT ME

Julie Schmit, MA, LAMFT, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, E-RYT.