A little bit about me

I have always been fascinated by the body; its beauty and complexity.

As a child of the “Free to Be, You and Me” 1970’s, I was taught to view the human body as a work of art, something to be appreciated. My parents were “hip and chic” in their day. I swung their love beads and belted along with their Hair album at the top of my lungs.

In 1988 I took my first yoga class and it was life-changing. During that class, I became overwhelmed with feelings of love and trust.

I realized my body had things to communicate. It was there to help guide me toward processing emotion, healing my wounds, connecting with my intuition and making sound decisions.

In this case, it also guided me straight into my life’s work.

I took classes in California with other yogis, energy healers and bodyworkers, but my big break came when I moved back to Minneapolis. I met a football coach who invited me teach yoga to his team. That was 1991; few people were doing yoga and I had a chance to pioneer something new.

My passion for teaching yoga soon led me to studying and later teaching in a massage therapy program. As I learned to identify the human musculature by feeling it under my hands, I also began to realize that the body was communicating to me through energy.

A chance encounter with a book called Hands of Light introduced me to energy healing as a school of thought. I later studied this discipline at the respected Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

Ultimately I found my way to Marriage and Family Therapy, where I created clinical practices that unite all I have learned about the body with the time-honored principles of psychotherapy.

Today I am a psychotherapist who is just as passionate now about experiencing the body’s guidance as I was back in that first yoga class.

You are unique and resourceful – you found your way here, didn’t you?

Let’s add to unique and resourceful, “radiant, confident, serene and eager-to-jump-out-of-bed-and-greet-the-day,” or “stay-in-bed-because-it’s-fun” to the mix.