Compassionate body-responsive Psychotherapy


Julie Schmit, MA, LMFT

Couples and Individual Therapy Energy Psychology E-RYT

No one wants to be stuck.

Numb. Sad. Lonely. Anxious. Drama.

Whether it’s your relationship with your partner, or with yourself, not only can you become unstuck,

But you can use your “stuckness” as a launchpad- to feeling passionate, sensuous, inspired and whole.

Where you know you’re not alone and life is actually on your side. Where relationships feel comfortable and enriching.

Where you regularly treat your partner, or your self-esteem, to a romantic dinner. And guess what? Your past calmly resides in the filing cabinet. If you choose to open it, it’s just another file. No biggie.

Helping you is my job, and I love my job. I’m Julie Schmit and Welcome to Jumpstart Counseling Studio!

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MONTHLY blog post

12/17/19 • What is Energy Psychology?


How is working with me different than with other psychotherapists?

My practice seeks to help you wed mind and body on your path to healing. In addition to standard psychotherapy protocols, I teach you how to use your body as a doorway into your psyche.

You see the body, unlike the mind, is always honest. It doesn’t have an agenda. Yet, we are rarely taught to pay attention to what happens in our bodies, let alone that these sensations are clues as to what’s going on in our minds.

Throughout my decades of experience with the mind-body connection; whether teaching Yoga, human anatomy, practicing massage therapy, energy healing and now psychotherapy, I have witnessed countless moments when people receive valuable insights about their lives through signals from their body.

Ready to take action? Contact me to schedule a free, 15-minute phone consultation, to see if we’re a fit to work together.

Does being around certain people cause you to feel drained, agitated or confused?

If so, it’s possible you’re losing your “energetic boundaries.” Energetic boundaries are subtle, invisible, and profoundly felt. Losing them happens when you merge with other people’s feelings and you lose your sense of self.

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